How to Submit a Project / Research Proposal to VEKAM?

 Project and research proposals to be submitted to VEKAM are expected to be related to Ankara and its environs without any discipline and field restrictions.

In order for any project and research proposal to be included in the activity plans of the following year, the project application form should be submitted to VEKAM project/research commission by the end of May of the current year at the latest. (e.g. A project proposal requested to be realized in 2025, should be submitted to VEKAM management until the end of May 2024).

The outputs of the project proposals to be brought to the Center are expected to be in line with the mission and vision of VEKAM and to add value to the institution with their originality.

All kinds of project and research proposals to be brought to VEKAM should be submitted digitally to and by filling out the project application form.

Who Can Apply?

– Official institutions and organizations conducting scientific studies on Ankara and its environs and real persons who base their work on a scientific basis; postgraduates, researchers, academics, etc.

 How does VEKAM Support Projects?

 – By making archive and library materials available and providing all kinds of consultancy services on archive and library issues during the research period,

– By organizing scientific meetings and exhibitions such as symposiums, panels, conferences, etc. that will require financial obligations in order to ensure the visibility and awareness of the Project,

– By publishing scientific publications to ensure the sustainability and visibility of the project,

-By archiving the project/research outputs in the database and by giving access to researchers to ensure the sustainability of the project/research

– Within the scope of the project, the center provides consultancy and supports the project / research in terms academic and administrative processes.


Project Evaluation Process:

1- The application form published on the research/project Application web page is sent by e-mail to  and .

2- The application enters the preliminary evaluation of the VEKAM project and research commission.

3- Applications whose preliminary evaluation is positive are invited to an oral presentation. (For applications whose preliminary evaluation is not positive, the decision is forwarded to the applicant).

4- After the presentation, if deemed necessary by the commission, the application is forwarded to the referee opinion.

5- If there is an issue that needs to be revised in the application after the referee’s opinion is received, the project is resubmitted to the applicant for revision. (If the Commission’s decision is negative after the referee’s opinion, the applicant will be notified.)

6- Projects deemed appropriate are submitted to the board of directors.

7- Applicants approved by the board of directors are notified of the project support approval by the beginning of November of the current year. (If the decision of the board of directors is negative, the rejection decision is notified to the applicant by the Commission).

8- The project is initiated by signing a protocol with the applicant.

9- Project coordinators are obliged to submit an interim report to the Center every six months after the project is initiated. If necessary, an oral presentation may also be requested from the project coordinator.

10- The project is closed when the project outputs are delivered, and the project final report is submitted to the Center.