Project and event proposals that will be presented to VEKAM are expected to be connected to Ankara and its surroundings, and there is no limitation concerning their time period and field.

If a project or event is to be placed in the event calendar of the subsequent year, the project application form must be submitted to the VEKAM administration before the end of May of the present year.

As an example: For a project that is planned for 2021, a project proposal should be submitted to VEKAM before the end of May 2020.

For all project and event proposals that will be presented to VEKAM, the application document must be filled in and communicated in digital or printed form. All applications must,

  • Define the goal of the project,
  • Plan project events and implementation processes,
  • Determine methodology,
  • Provide human resource, equipment, financial resources, and budget planning and clearly express expectations from VEKAM.

The outcomes of the proposed projects are expected to be in line VEKAM’s mission and vision and to add value through originality.

How does VEKAM support projects?

VEKAM supports projects by:

  • Making archives and library materials available,
  • Providing counseling on all archives and library related issues during the research,
  • Organizing scientific meetings such as symposia, panels, conferences, etc. and exhibitions as part of the project,
  • Publishing scientific publications,
  • Making scientific contributions and providing counseling through its specialists.

Project Evaluation:

  • The project proposal that has been submitted will be subjected to a preliminary evaluation to ensure that is suitable in terms of content.
  • Projects that are deemed to be deficient during the preliminary evaluation shall be sent back to the person conducting the project for revision.
  • 2 referees shall be consulted concerning the scientific competence of the projects that pass the preliminary evaluation.
  • Projects that are deemed suitable by the referees shall be submitted to the approval of the executive board.
  • For projects that receive the approval of the executive board, an agreement is signed with the persons conducting the project.
  • Following the signing of the contract, the project shall be placed in the event calendar and implemented.

Who can apply?

  • Official institutions and establishments (universities, municipalities, etc.)
  • Non-governmental organizations (associations, cultural centers, foundations, etc.)
  • Graduate students and researchers
  • Individuals who have scientifically based projects

The project application form can be sent electronically to