MATERIALS: Wood, mother of pearl, varnish

DECORATION: Rumi patterns, tuğra

DECORATION TECHNIQUE: Wood inlay, mother of pearl inlay, wood carving, wood engraving, varnish


Platform length: 19 cm

Length: 68 cm

Width: 31 cm

DATE: 20th-century

DESCRIPTION: Kavukluk is a single shelf unit used as a turban stand.

Pediment: The top and bottom parts of kavukluk are triangular. There is a crescent-star pattern on top of the pediment (taç). The decorations are made of wood inlays in different colors depicting rumis. In the center of the pediment, there is a medallion with a diameter of 6,5 cm. A tuğra is put which is made of mother of pearl inlay. The gussets in the triangle, enclosing the medallion have rumi patterns made of wood inlays. The pediment finishes with diamond shapes, 5 cm wide and made of mother of pearl inlay.

Body: On both sides, there are 16 cm long cuts (void) forming a shape of an arch. In the middle, there is a crown gate (taç kapı) decorated with wood inlay rumi patterns. The depiction reminds of a mihrap, semicircular niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates qibla. There is a pentagonal platform at the end of the body, forming the niche. No decorative element on the dark brown surface of the platform is present. An eave is surrounding the bottom of the platform compatible with the rumi patterns.

Bottom: In the center, there is a plane decorated with triangles in two different colors, framed with rumi patterns.