Traces of Architects in Ankara III : ŞEVKİ VANLI

In the sequel of the completion of the Project for Research, Documentation and Development of Conservation Measures for Civilian Architectural Culture Heritage in Ankara in the period 1930-1980, which was launched by Baskent University in 2012, was also supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) and VEKAM (Vehbi Koc Ankara Studies Research Center), and received a great deal of attention from the architecture community; another project in parallel to the foregoing, which is planned to last 3 years, has been launched jointly by Koc University, VEKAM and Baskent Universtity: Architects Who Made Their Marks in Ankara.

The project is intended to reveal the stories of the architects, who are not very well-known in the architecture community, have not been particularly studied, and about whom any publications have not been made or publications have been made only to a limited extent, but who deserve to be attached special importance for the public buildings and residential structures designed thereby in Ankara. The proceedings book of the panels to be held as a part of the project will be published, and a digital collection to be compiled of the data and the visual-auditory materials that will be yielded as a result of the researches to be conducted will be made available for access.

The fall sessions of the series of panels, the first two sessions of which have taken place in spring, 2017, will be held in October, 23 , Sevki Vanli will be discussed.

The panels will be held at Ankara Orchard House, which operates within the organization of Koc University VEKAM.