Author: Alev Ayaokur
Editor: Mehtap Türkyılmaz
Language: Turkish
Categories: Museology
Publication Year: 2014
Page: 183
Size: 16,5×24
ISBN: 978-975-97802-5-8

The book discusses information management at museums, and goes over a very recent debate on the review of lifecycle of the museum object as a source of information. The perspective accepted worldwide, which recently began to draw interest in Türkiye as well, is that museums are essentially centers of information, and therefore information management principles, methods and techniques are acceptable in museum establishments. In this vein, both the museum managements’ approach to information management, as well as the information managers’ understanding that museums are actually centers of information, became a hot topic nowadays. The book will not only shed light on the foundations of the theoretical cooperation between the museum managements and information managers, but also guide the development of a modern information management process by each museum, through the “Information Management Assessment Form”, one of the most unique outputs of the book.