The exhibition catalog Ottoman Empire from 19th to 20th Century: Struggle, Collectors’ Selection, which was prepared in 2017 by VEKAM in collaboration with Association of Collectors has been awarded the Great Golden Prize of the Federation of Turkish Philatelic Associations.
VEKAM has received Koç University’s Best Administrative Staff Success Award for 2018.
Koç University VEKAM’s exhibition Weaving History: Mystery of a City – Sof was designated as an exemplary and successful project from Türkiye during “Working Conference on Culture for Egypt, Morocco, Russia and Türkiye” focusing on international cultural collaboration and organized by DutchCulture on June 19th 2018 in Theater aan Het Spui in the Netherlands.
In 2018 as part of the 16th National Architecture Exhibition and Awards, VEKAM received the Jury Special Prize from the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) in the Contribution to Architecture category. VEKAM was deemed worthy of this award for the restoration and preservation of the historical orchard house in Keçiören, Ankara which was one of the last remaining examples of its kind and its repurposing as a research center: for the Research awards it provides, for its Library and Archives services, and the resources it provides to researchers; for the Turkish and English language publications, most notable Journal of Ankara Studies; for developing, conducting, and supporting projects, scientific events, for leading social, economic, cultural, artistic and architectural research, studies and practices related to Ankara and its surroundings through the projects it develops, conducts and supports, and for sharing these with relevant institutions, researchers and stakeholders, and for researching the architectural heritage of Ankara through its events focused on architecture.
The Civilian Architectural Memory of Ankara in the period 1930-1980: Research, Documentation and Conservation Measures Project, which VEKAM supported from 2013 to 2015 through workshops, exhibitions and publications has won the 2019 TÜBİTAK Project Performance Award.
The VEKAM publication Ankara in the Turkish Novel written by Esra Sazyek has received the TÜBA-TESEP Award in the category of scientific work in Turkish language as part of 2019 TESEP geared toward universities and aiming to promote the production of quality work in Turkish.