VEKAM Conferences 2015

The addresses by specialists on a number of fields take place at Yapı Kredi Bank conference hall in Kızılay, on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

15 January, 2015 // Ankara’s Streets and People from the Ottoman Era to the Republic, on Old Post Cards

Nezih Başgelen, Archaeologist, Researcher

24 February, 2015 // Diseases in Neolithic Age Central Anatolia

Prof. Metin Özbek, Professor Emeritus

20 March, 2015  // A Social Perspective on Cooking in the Neolithic Age

Assist. Prof. Rana Özbal, Koç University

16 April, 2015 // Ankara Province in Tanzimat Era (1839 – 1876)

Assoc. Prof. Yonca Köksal, Koç University

4 June, 2015 // Remembering, Listening: An Evening Walk on Ataturk Boulevard

Turan Tanyer, Researcher, Author, Lawyer