TECHNIQUE: Hammered, casting (handle and knob)

DECORATION: Floral patterns, geometric patterns (concentric lines), crescent, stamp

DECORATION TECHNIQUE: Casting (knob), engraving


Height: 28 cm

Rim diameter: 11 cm

Base diameter: 9 cm

DATE: 20th-century

DESCRIPTION: Coffee-pot which was produced in Mardin workshops, is made of brass. It is used to make Mırra, a type of bitter coffee that is common in the South-eastern parts of Türkiye as well as the Arabian Peninsula. The body of the coffee-pot narrows down on the neck and slightly widens towards base. It has a long beak and a conical lid. There are patterns applied with a chisel as well as embossed ones on body, beak and hinged conical lid. The knob is crescent-shaped and it is placed in the center of the conical lid. There is an illegible inscription written in the Ottoman alphabet. The edges of the brass handle are bonded on the rim with a rivet and belly with welding. The coffee-pot has a flat base.