Koç Unıversity, Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (Vekam)

VEKAM is a research center of Koç University since 2014 that supports research of high-quality on Ankara, the capital of Türkiye, and its environs. VEKAM maintains an extensive library and archive that specializes in the history and culture of Ankara, the capital of Modern Türkiye and has managed to become the primary reference center for urban studies on Ankara. Since 1994, the center organizes panels, symposiums, exhibitions, conferences and seminars that contribute to the academic life in Türkiye; and publishes scientific publications and a twice yearly peer-reviewed journal: Journal of Ankara Studies.

Our Mission is

To engage in and to support interdisciplinary research and academic studies on urban development of Ankara, social and economic history, culture, and cultural heritage of Ankara and the region; to provide coordination and collaborate with relevant national and international entities; to provide resources and the environment needed by academic personnel and researchers engaged in research on Ankara and the region; to contribute to the development of national and international academic dialog regarding Ankara and the region; to ensure that research and applied projects can reach out to wider audiences.

Our Vision is

To become the starting point for steps to be taken in the research on Ankara, a center which served as the capital of various civilizations since the advent of history; and to become one of the respected research centers worldwide, through research and projects undertaken or supported in the field of urban studies.