Author: Urs Peschlow
Language: Turkish
Publisher: Koç University
Place: Ankara
Category: Archaeology
Year: 2023
Pages: 456
Dimensions: 23 x 28 cm.
ISBN: 978-625-8022-50-6

Written by Urs Peschlow and first published in German in 2015, the book is the most comprehensive work on Ankara regarding archaeology and art history. From antiquity to the present day, Peschlow’s book is an art history lesson in which he displays his entire scientific background and presents his research and studies on Ankara.

The work has been translated into Turkish and published by Koç University VEKAM to provide a service to those who want to learn about the protection of cultural assets and the development of archaeology in Turkey since the proclamation of the Republic and to those who work in the fields of cultural history, art history, and archaeology.