KOÇ-KAM Research Awards: Studies on Women and Social Gender

Koç University Social Gender and Women Studies and Applied Research Center (KOÇ-KAM) Research Awards Program began in 2011-2012, with the support of Koç Foundation, with a view to encouraging and supporting social gender studies on Türkiye, and raising awareness about social gender issues.

KOÇ-KAM provides funding to major research proposals from a number of disciplines, regarding social gender problems in Türkiye. Through the program KOÇ-KAM aims to provide a model for similar ventures to provide financial support to social gender studies in Türkiye.

This year’s KOÇ-KAM Research Awards Symposium provided a scene to present ten valuable works, and was held at Ankara Orchard House on 10 April, 2015, in cooperation with VEKAM and KOÇ-KAM.