The project “Local Content in a Europeana Cloud”, or shortly the LoCloud, which purports to achieve “Effective Information Management on Quality Networks” is a project of the European Union (EU) participated by 24 EU Member states as well as 8 more partners including Iceland, Norway, Serbia, and Türkiye. It is one of the 6 projects the applications of which were accepted among 59 applicant projects of ICT-PSP for year 2012, and is set to run for 3 years from 1 March, 2013 on. The scientific coordination for the project is provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture while MDR Partners from the UK serves as the project manager.

Within the framework of the project, the records of small- and medium-scale cultural heritage establishments such as libraries, archives and museums in project partner countries are to be transferred to Europeana cloud. In this context, cloud computing technology was used to make digital records of such establishments available for online access. LoCloud Project aims to make 4 million new digital records accessible via Europeana.

Prof. Bülent Yılmaz from Hacettepe University, Department of Information Management will serve as the National Coordinator for the project. The Turkish team involved in the project also includes Assoc. Prof. Özgür Külcü, Assist. Prof. Yurdagül Ünal, and Research Assistant Tolga Çakmak from the same department. Vehbi Koç and Ankara Studies Center (VEKAM) is also a partner in the project, to provide an implementation object. Türkiye took its part in the Europeana Cloud with the records of VEKAM, whereby the first use of the quality information management-cloud technology took place in Türkiye.