Proje Coordinator / Partner:

Assoc. Prof. Ali Metin Büyükkarakaya, Hacettepe University

In 2017 , Koç University VEKAM decided to support a Bioarcheaological and High – Tech Research in Juliopolis which is an ancient Roman city in the province of Ankara ( Nallıhan).The project intends the study of the skeletal remains from Roman Juliopolis (Nallıhan, Ankara) to understand the genetics, population structure (demographic), and health of an ancient Roman-period community of Ankara province. The skeletal material derives from salvage excavations begun in 2009 by the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, resulting in the remains of 250–500 individual skeletons from more than 500 graves. In addition to traditional bioarchaeological approaches that reveal information about the age, gender, and health of ancient individuals, the project proposes to conduct newer, more cutting-edge scientific analyses that are more rarely practiced in this area.


  • Building demographic structure of all human remains obtained from Juliopolis  necropolis
  • Gathering all paleopathological data of  Juliapolis human remains and clarifying health and nutritional status,
  •  Revealing genetic structure of the community by ancient DNA  and morphological methods,
  • Analysing the problems related to nutrition, localization and immigration by isotope studies
  • Extending the use of advanced analyzes in bioarchaeological studies
  • The research will result in the training of young researchers in cutting-edge approaches