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Past Events
Hundered Years of Legacy: Bengüboz


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October 2023, Thursday
Location: Ankara Rahmi M. Koç Museum
Either Independence or Death! On the Way to the Republic


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October 2023, Tuesday
Location: Çankaya Municipality Doğan Taşdelen Contemporary Arts Center, John F. Kennedy Street, No:4 Kavaklıdere-Ankara
Reflections from Gunda’s Camera (1951-1954)


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August 2023, Saturday
Location: Eleni Church, Mustafapaşa,Ürgüp Time: 10.00
Mini Exhibition: New Society New Child


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April 2023, Sunday
Location: Çankırı Caddesi No:7 Altındağ-Ankara
VEKAM at Capital Cultural Road Festival!


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May 2022, Monday
Location: The Republic Museum Time: 15.00
Faces of Juliopolis


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December 2021, Tuesday
Location: Anadolu Medeniyetleri Müzesi Time: 13:30
The Sound of the Republic: Musiki Muallim Mektebi (School of Music Education Teachers )

We are delighted to announce "The Sound of the Republic: Musiki Muallim Mektebi" digital exhibition which is compiled from VEKAM archive can be visited through Koç University Suna Kıraç Library’s digital exhibitions.

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June 2020, Tuesday
The Construction of a New City: Ankara 1923-1933

Koç University VEKAM would like to announce The Construction of a New City : Ankara 1923-1933 curated by Müge Cengizkan and Ali Cengizkan, within the scope of 50th anniversary of Vehbi Koç Foundation invites its visitors to witness to the construction of a city!!

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November 2019, Wednesday
Location: CerModern
Weaving History: Mystery of a City, Sof

Koç University Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM), in collaboration with Rahmi M. Koç Museum Ankara, presents “Weaving History: Mystery of a City”, an exhibition that will run from 12 May until 16 September 2018. At the heart of this exhibition lies Ankara’s histo

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May 2018, Saturday
Location: Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi Ankara
A Son and a Pioneer of the Republic: Vehbi Koç 1901-1996

A son and a Pioneer of the Republic: Vehbi Koç 1901- 1996 exhibition which was held at VEKAM on February 24, 2012 to commemorate the 16th death anniversary of Vehbi Koç moved to Koç University in celebration of Koç University's 25th anniversary. The exhibition can be visited a

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March 2018, Wednesday
Location: Koç University
Scent and the City

At the begining of 2018, Koç University’s Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM)  dedicates its new exhibition to the scents of history with the colloboration of Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum. The “Scent and the City" exhibition invites visitors to use their nose

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January 2018, Saturday
Location: Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum
Ottoman Empire From 19th to 20th Century: STRUGGLE

We would like to announce the exhibition named as Ottoman Empire From 19th to 20th Century: STRUGGLE prepared with the colloboration of Koç University's VEKAM and Collector's Association can be visited between 17-28 April, 2017 at Atılım University's Kadriye Zaim Library.

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April 2017, Monday
Location: Atılım Üniversitesi Kadriye Zaim Kütüphanesi