Mini Exhibition: New Society New Child

April 24, 2023

23 April 2023

Venue:  Koç Han, Çankırı Caddesi No:7 Altındağ-Ankara

We’re thrilled to announce that in collaboration with Koç University’s VEKAM and Cin Ali Education and Culture Foundation the exhibition titled New Society , New Child is now available!

Cin Ali, the main character and hero of the children’s book series by teacher Rasim Kaygusuz read by millions of children since 1968. Cin Ali, meets with his audience on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day at VEKAM’s art space created in Koç Han building’s vitrines in Ankara. The display moved to Koç Han vitrines reflects fragments of the New Society , New Child exhibition which was launched by Cin Ali Education and Culture Foundation in 2022.  The exhibition will be available at Koç Han until the end of  July 2023.

Koç Han was one of the rare commercial buildings in Ankara designed by Swiss-Austrian architect Ernst Arnold Egli upon the request of late Vehbi Koç. In 2022 VEKAM started to use Koç Han building’s vitrines on the front façade of the building as an art space by reopening VEKAM’s former exhibitions and thematic exhibitions to meet with the interested parties.