The center operates at Vehbi Koç’s Orchard House , one of the few such houses still in existence in Ankara.

The orchard house was bought from Field Marshall Fevzi Çakmak in 1923, and was used for long years as the summer residence of Koç Family. The house where Vehbi Koç resided during most of his life in Ankara, and where his children were born is a 2nd Level Cultural Asset to be Preserved.

The orchard house was restored in 1992 -1993, and transferred to Vehbi Koç Foundation in 1994. It entered into service as a center to facilitate academic studies on Ankara, to gather and compile all kinds of information and documents concerning Ankara, and to offer them to researchers.

In 2014 the Center was associated with Koç University, and continues to operate on academic platforms as well, through various projects implemented in cooperation with national and international agencies.

Koç Family at VEKAM’s Opening Ceremony, 24 September, 1994Front Row (left to right): İnan Kıraç and İpek Kıraç, Sevgi Gönül, Semahat Arsel, Vehbi Koç, Suna Kıraç and Caroline Koç. Back Row (left to right): Ali Koç, Rahmi Koç, Erdoğan Gönül and Mustafa Koç