An Evaluation on Orhan Veli’s Traces in Ankara

February 14, 2024

Orhan Veli, one of the most important figures of Turkish poetry, was born in Istanbul in 1914 and died in Istanbul in 1950, spending the last 25 years of his short 36-year life in Ankara. Regarded as “the person who brought Turkish poetry to the streets”, Kanık started the Strange Movement with Melih Cevdet Anday and Oktay Rifat, whom he befriended during his years in Ankara, and radically changed the conventional understanding of poetry in Turkish poetry. Tolga Aydoğan’s research book “Orhan Veli’nin Ankara’daki İzleri” published by Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Publishing in recent months, is the first study to deal with the poet’s years in Ankara. The book includes photographs of Orhan Veli that have come to light for the first time, and many unknown points about his life in Ankara have been illuminated. The houses he lived in, the taverns he visited, the places where he worked, and the places where he left his traces are discussed one by one and presented to the reader with a comprehensive analysis in the light of witnesses and memories. In this book, Aydoğan aims to reveal with information, documents, memories and photographs that Orhan Veli, who was known as “from Beykoz”, was actually an “Ankaraite”.

The talk by Tolga Aydoğan will focus on the relationship between “Orhan Veli” and “Ankara” will be analyzed in detail based on the information in the book.

The talk will be online and registration is required.

Date: 22 Şubat 2024

Time: 02.00 pm

Zoom, online