The carpets of the Orchard House are composed of Yağcıbedir, prayer carpets, Uşak with medallion, Yolluk, Bünyan. And there are Şarköy and Kars pieces among the rugs. Rugs and carpets offer the most dense and various types of patterns in the exhibition. The carpets and rugs that are present on the third floor of the Ankara Orchard House has rosettes, hatayi, gülbezek, palmet, mihrab, aries horn, various geometric patterns, garden of Eden, stylized flower and animal patterns, oil lamps, crabs, passionflowers, chains, architectural forms,  maple leaf, pomegranates, tree of life, fish, birds, eye, meander, spine, star, hook, bukağı, scorpion, wolf mouth, candle stick, cross and eli belinde patterns.