→ Library and archive materials are not available for borrowing. The user shall not deliver the archive material entrusted to her, to another researcher. Under no circumstances the materials shall be taken outside the premises, nor unauthorized photos can be taken.

→ As a general rule, research and related activities are performed over the digital copy of the archived material. On the other hand, if digital copy is unavailable, and the archive material is suitable for physical utilization, the research activities can be carried out over the original copy of the archived material.

→ The user is under obligation to protect the archived material entrusted to her, against all kinds of damage and alteration. The user shall be required to pay the price of the material, in case of any damage inflicted on library or archive materials.

→ Violation of any of the terms above shall lead to the suspension of the research activity.

→ The Center may limit the use of a certain collection or material available in the archive. Archived materials under processing or undergoing repairs shall not be issued to the users, even if they are still presented on the catalogs.

→ The user agrees and undertakes to comply with such methods and principles, and to use the copying and reproduction methods to be specified by the Librarians, with a view to protecting the material against damage.

→ The computers in the library can be used only for catalog browsing activities.

→ The wireless network services offered to users should not be used to download movies, music or software, outside the scope of research purposes. Food and beverage other than water are not allowed in the library.


→ The users are required to fill out and sign the Material Request Form pertaining to the archived materials they shall request for use in their research activities.

→ In case the archived material thus requested is of a volume to stand out as a collection or fund by itself, the user shall be issued digital copies or photocopies of just one third of such materials. The user may review the rest of the materials at VEKAM.

→ No more than 5% of the number of materials in a given collection in the archive can be requested for use in a single project.

→ Once the Material Request Form is filled out, the user’s request shall be reviewed and thereafter the user shall be notified.

→ The digital copies of the material found appropriate through the review shall be delivered to the user, on the basis of a delivery note to be signed by both parties.