VEKAM publications specialize in original and non-fiction works dealing with Ankara and its surrounding, geared toward academic, professional, and general audiences. All book proposals are subjected to a comprehensive evaluation, a referee process, and discussed in our publication board.

The conditions for application for publication and a list of the items required for submission have been provided below: 

Conditions for Application for Publication

  • Applications for publications can be made every year from January to June.
  • Novels, stories, fairytales, poetry, travel, memoirs, humor, and essays are not considered for publication.
  • The material that is being proposed should not have been published previously in part or in full. This does not cover works that are proposed for translation and publication.
  • The material that is being proposed can be the product of an academic project, a graduate or doctoral thesis on condition that it has not been previously published.
  • The proposed publication can be either in Turkish or in English.
  • The author or authors must provide a written declaration stating that all quotations and visual material to be used in the work have been cleared with the relevant persons or establishments in terms of copyrights/royalties for the express purpose of use in the publication.

Issues Concerning the Preparation of the Publication Proposal

The author or authors are expected to prepare and send the text of the publication electronically, which should contain the items listed below:

  • Bibliographic information about the work, including the names of all persons who contributed to the work (author, editor, photographer, translator, etc.), as well as the full title of the work.
  • A summary in Turkish and English (250 to 300 words).
  • A table of contents.
  • Full text of the work (any visual materials used should also be included).
  • A references page formatted according to the APA style sheet.
  • Biography of the author or authors.
  • Index headings if applicable (subject matter, names of persons and places).

For submission: