How can I visit VEKAM and the Ankara Orchard House?

VEKAM and the Ankara Orchard House can be visited every day, except on official and public holidays, and Sundays from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 17:00.

Appointments are required for visiting the VEKAM library and the archives.

Appointments are also required for groups visiting the Ankara Orchard House.

How can I find out about VEKAM events?

Announcements concerning VEKAM’s events are periodically sent to the e-mail addresses of registered subscribers. Please use the relevant field on our contact page to subscribe to our e-mail announcements.

How can I benefit from VEKAM’s Library and Archives?

Please visit our Library and Archives page.

How can I propose a project to VEKAM?

Please visit the “project applications” section of the project page for details on VEKAM project proposals and evaluations.

Who can propose projects to VEKAM?

Official institutions and establishments (universities, municipalities, etc.), non-governmental organizations (associations, cultural centers, foundations, etc.), graduate students and researchers, and individuals with scientifically based projects can propose projects to VEKAM.

What sort of projects does VEKAM support?

VEKAM is a center dedicated to work on Ankara and its surroundings, and the expectation is that project proposed should also be about Ankara and its surroundings.

Is it possible to visit the Ankara Orchard House as a group?

The Ankara Orchard House is open for visits from individuals as well as groups. For group visits, please contact to get an appointment and fill in the visitor form.

What is the largest group size for visiting the Ankara Orchard House?

Groups of 25 are suitable for a convenient visit to the Ankara Orchard House.

Can I organize wedding or birthday photo shoots at VEKAM and the Ankara Orchard House?

VEKAM and the Ankara Orchard House are not available for wedding or birthday photos, for video shoots, or for similar purposes.

Can VEKAM and the Ankara Orchard House be rented for events?

VEKAM and the Ankara Orchard House are part of an educational institution and hence cannot be rented for events.

Can I have tea or coffee at VEKAM and the Ankara Orchard House?

Our institution provides no food or beverage services.