November 3, 2021

November 8, 2021

07.00 pm

We’re thrilled to announce that the documentaries directed by Kerime Senyücel as part of VEKAM’s Oral History project and the Ankara View documentary which was consulted by VEKAM will meet with the audience at the Ankara International Film Festival.

Nov. 8, 2021, 7 pm. Büyülü Fener Kızılay, Salon 2 (Ticket is required)

For ticket: Büyülü Fener Kızılay, https://biletinial.com/

Derman Pharmacy – Pharmasist Niyaz Dermancı, Director: Kerime Senyücel

Niyaz Dermancı is 95 years old and he is the oldest phamacist in Ankara. He’s been working in his pharmacy shop since 1956.  He is also a dermathologist , a graduate of Medical Faculty in İstanbul University. He owns the pharmacy shop which he inherited from his father who was also a pharmacist, in Old City of Ankara. Niyaz bey, comes from the old tradition of “mortar pharmacy” who can prepare the drug blends  by mixing the ingredients in a mortar He drives his own car every day to the work. He treats the patients from all over Türkiye during the day. He gives them prescriptions prepares them different mixture of remedies for skin problems. The documentary depicts his  life story and  charismatic personality

Keçiören Whistle, Director: Kerime Senyücel

Dolun Gürerk is a retired business person in his 80s. He is from Keçiören, Ankara. He lived there for 20 years then after he moved, he dropped in there very often untill the region completely changed with high concrete buildings. In 50s, he and the other young boys from the district established the “Keçiörenspor” football team. The young players of that day come together in the famous “ Gazino” and they took us a Keçiören tour telling about their youth.

Vedat (Vahric) Aslangül, Director: Kerime Senyücel

Vedat (Vahric)Aslangül, was a salesperson for 50 years in “Şık Düğme” the wellknown clothier of Ankara. He lived in Keçiören most of his life. He tells us about Keçiören of his childhood and youth, 40s and 50s. We hear about the different religion groups living together. The vinyards, and summer houses of Keçiören. Daily life and social getherings of old Keçiören. Vedat bey shares the family albume with us. He mentions the old prejudices are overcome by young generations.

The View of Ankara, Director: Muhammed Murat Arslan

The View of Ankara documentary focuses on the history and culture of Ankara in the 18th century, in consideration of the painting “The View of Ankara.”