What are the Karamanlidika Studies

April 30, 2024

Lecturer: Dr. Evangelia Balta

Date: 09 May 2024

Time: 02.00 – 3.30 pm

Zoom, online

The paper aims to present topics dealing with the history and the cultural legacy of the Turkish-speaking Christian Orthodox population of Anatolia, uprooted by the Greek-Turkish Population Exchange of 1923, thus revealing the extent of the academic field of Karamanlidika Studies, which, as is generally known, covers history, literature, anthropology, linguistics, and political sciences. In addition, it wishes to highlight why we study or, better, why we must study this field of Ottoman Studies and Turcology, which has only recently started to be acknowledged in academia. Above all, though, it aims to speak about Karamanlidika Studies to contribute to the opening up of a much wider circle of research within Ottoman Studies, which will cover the cultural tradition of all the Turkish-speaking non-Muslim millets in the Ottoman Empire, as all of them together make up the entirety of Ottoman culture and the Ottoman literary legacy can no longer be considered that of the Muslim community alone, as it came to be thought of due to the absence or insufficient involvement with its other sectors.

*Please be advised that the lecture will be conducted in English and that simultaneous translation will not be available.

*The talk will be online and registration is required.