One of the last ceramic production centers of the Ottoman era was Çanakkale. It is known that since the end of 17th-century ceramic production existed, and until the 20th-century red clay ceramic production has been observed in Çanakkale. During the 18th-century vessels such as plates, bowls, flasks, trays, large jars, pitchers that were a part of the daily life routine, were produced with underglaze technique. Decorations were made by using colors like cobalt blue, brown, manganese purple orange over white astar with free brush strokes and over them colorless, transparent glaze was applied. Flower rosettes, fruits, cypress trees, floral patterns like leaf bouquets, mosque silhouettes, sailboats figures characteristic to Çanakkale were applied on the surfaces of these containers in a stylized fashion. These ceramics belong to a group of very simple and abstract decoration style. The most widespread practice were the diagonal lines forming lattice borders on the rim edges of the vessels. During the 19th and 20th-centuries in Çanakkale workshops single colored glazed ceramics were produced. During this era, also overglaze decorated ceramics were produced.

Amongst the late period Çanakkale ceramics it is possible to observe more fanciful practices. Some of the knobs of the lids belonging to this period were shaped as horses and birds and in another group these figures were applied on the surfaces. Flower and leaf even some animal figures were formed as high-reliefs.  The objects produced during this period reflect exaggeration and imagination

The pieces produced in Çanakkale that had souvenir or memorabilia qualities were bought and started to enter collections such as Pairs Sevrés Porcelain Museum, London Victoria and Albert Museum, Athens Benaki Museum and some other collections since the mid-19th-century. Accordingly, Çanakkale ceramics of the Ankara Orchard House both signifies the late Ottoman ceramic art and the 19th-century tourism. Ceramics in the Ankara Orchard House Collection are exhibited on the third floor.