Prepared for publication by: Nuray Bayraktar
Language: Turkish
Publication House: Koç Üniversitesi VEKAM
Place of Publication: Ankara
Categories: History of Architecture
Publication Year: 2017
Page: 288
Size: 20 x 25
ISBN: 978-605-9388-07-8

This publication presents the findings of the project “Civilian Architectural Memory Ankara: 1930-1980,” which is supported by TÜBİTAK and Koç University VEKAM, and conducted by Başkent University, under various heading such as: “An Attempt to Determine the Development of Republic Era Residential Architecture in Ankara,” “Period Based Interpretations through Residence Dwellers,” “Modern Era Residential Buildings in Ankara: Similarities and Differences in Formation,” “From Cubic Architecture to Apartment Buildings: Changes in Residence Plans in Ankara, 1930-1980,” “The Architecture of Togetherness: Common Living Areas in Cooperative Buildings of 1950-1970,” “The Disappearance of the Fingerprint from the Work of Art and its Connection with Modern Architecture,” and “The Protection of Modern Era Architectural Heritage,” produced by the members of the project team.