Hundered Years of Legacy: Bengüboz

October 31, 2023

The immortal works of Ahmet İzzet Bengüboz, who was captured by the British during the First World War, learned photography in a prison camp where he stayed for 30 months and became one of the most important document photographers of the Early Republican period, are now at the Rahmi M. Koç Museum in Ankara.

One Hundred Years of Legacy: Bengüboz Exhibition, which includes enthusiastic holiday celebrations of almost every year from the first anniversary of the Republic to its 12th anniversary, and important documents of the social and cultural transformation in young Turkey: Bengüboz Exhibition can be visited until November 12.

Within the scope of the One Hundred Years of Heritage: Bengüboz project, prepared in cooperation with Bilkom, Mudurnu District Governorship and Mudurnu Municipality and with Koç University VEKAM as a stakeholder of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey: Bengüboz project, Ahmet İzzet Bengüboz’s visual heritage is preserved and transferred to future generations through digital applications.

About the Project:

Within the scope of the project, Bengüboz’s archive of 1,004 surviving glass negatives is preserved and 450 photographs selected from the archive are brought to the present day through physical and digital exhibition practices. The photographs exhibited in the project curated by Dr. Ayşe Ege Yıldırım were subjected to digital restoration and colorization using artificial intelligence and innovative methods. The photographs, which were also registered with the NFT infrastructure, were also secured in the digital world.

The exhibition, which aims to ensure that Ahmet İzzet Bengüboz’s visual heritage reaches wider and different audiences with the power of digital technologies, can be visited in the virtual museum created at