Editor:  T. Elvan Altan
ISBN 978-605-9388-15-3
Language: Türkçe
Publication House: VEKAM
Place of Publication: Ankara
Subject: Architectural history
Year: 2019
Pages:  198

The three-year long project “Architects who Left Their Marks in Ankara” conducted by Prof. Dr. Nuray Bayraktar (Başkent University), Prof. Dr. Elvan Altan (Middle East Technical University), and Faculty Member Dr. Umut Şumnu (Başkent University) was initiated in March 2017 through the joint efforts of Koç University’s Vehbi Koç Ankara Research Center (VEKAM) and Başkent University. The project to be completed in 2019 will involve the buildings in Ankara of twelve architects. The project aims to research, to document, and to recognize architects who are littleknown, not studied much or not published about, but who deserve special merit due to the residential, public, and civilian architectural works they created in Ankara. The book constitutes the first outcome of the project “Architects who Left Their Marks in Ankara,” and it shall make an important contribution to the field of urban research by highlighting the architectural adventure of the duo Demirtaş Kamçıl and Rahmi Bediz.