Prepared for publication by: Gökçe Günel
Translated by: Gözde Çerçioğlu Yücel, Feyza Akder
Language: Turkish, English
Publication House: Koç Üniversitesi VEKAM
Place of Publication: Dumat Ofset
Categories: History
Publication Year: 2017
Page: 79
Size: 26×26
ISBN: 978-605-9388-08-5

This catalog prepared by Gökçe Günel features various overlooked maps and plans of Ankara found in books by foreign and domestic travelers and in encyclopedias, large scale maps Ankara’s various districts and villages, maps produced by the General Command of Cartography until the 2000s, as well as selections from private map collections especially that of VEKAM. This catalog was conceived and designed as a chronological documentary of the urban development of the capital from the Ottoman times to the Republic era and constitutes an inventory of the city for the benefit of researchers. However, there are other Ankara maps that were not featured in the catalog or that were not accessible.