Weft: Cotton, without dye

Warp: Cotton, without dye, Z twist

Knot: Wool

Dye type: Natural dye


Weft dm² knot count: 36

Warp dm² knot count: 34

Knot technique: Gördes knot

Total: 1224

COLOR: Red, blue, black, yellow

DECORATION: Architectural forms, stylized floral patterns, candlestick, chandelier, oil lamp, geometric patterns, cross, rosette.

DIMENSIONS: 131 x 198,5 cm

DATE: 20th-century

DESCRIPTION: A prayer carpet. This carpet is identical to ABE0494 except it has wool warps. On the base of the prayer carpet, there are three concentric architectural forms with columns that provide a sense of depth. The outside-in direction of a mosque (son cemaat yeri, cümle kapısı, and mihrab) are aligned on the same perspective. These forms are not identical but they are similar, as they have arches on the top and compartments inside them.  This carpet has small flowers on the sides of all three columned structures just like the majority of the prayer carpets’ mihrab depictions. Each of these architectural forms has zigzag counters.  Each arch has different lobs that have Baroque floral patterns on them. And from each arch, a different kind of chandelier and oil lamps is suspended. On two sides of the mihrab there are two, long candlesticks. Between these three units with the use of red-blue-red colors a sense of depth is provided. One of the most interesting characteristics of the carpet is that between the cümle kapısı and mihrap there is a depiction of multi-colored and various floral-patterned carpet.