This Week’s Selections from VEKAM Content

July 8, 2020

This week’s theme is Architectural Memory and Ankara!

The Project for Research, Documentation and Development of Conservation Measures for Civilian Architectural Culture Heritage in Ankara in the period 1930-1980 implemented at Başkent University, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Nuray Bayraktar and supported by TUBITAK and Koç University VEKAM.

The Project which VEKAM supported from 2013 to 2015 through workshops, exhibitions and publications has won the 2019 TÜBİTAK Project Performance Award and the second edition of Civilian Architectural Memory of Ankara:1930-1980 that presents the findings of the project released.


Lottery Houses (İş Bank) in Ankara << Umut Şumnu


Civilian Architectural Memory of Ankara : 1930-1980 Exhibition Catalogue <<

Exhibition Teaser <<


VEKAM Civil Architectural Memory of Ankara 1930-1980 Structure Inventory

About the collection <<

Discover the collection <<


In 2017 VEKAM decided to start a new project titled The Architects Who Left Their Mark in Ankara under the leadership of Prof. Nuray Bayraktar, Prof. Elvan Altan and Dr. Umut Şumnu. The Project intended to reveal architectural adventures of important architects who are less known, have not been particularly studied, and about whom any publications have not been made or publications have been made only to a limited extent, but who deserve to be attached special importance for the public buildings and residential structures designed thereby in Ankara.  Within the scope of the project 12 panels on important architects in Ankara were held between 2017-2019.

VEKAM is delighted to announce that the firs two volumes of  project’s panel series are now available as- e books in Turkish.

Ankara’da İz Bırakan Mimarlar: Demirtaş Kamçıl – Rahmi Bediz <<

Ankara’da İz Bırakan Mimarlar II: Vedat Dalokay – Nejat Tekelioğlu <<