MATERIALS: Wood, plaster, paint

COLOR: Gold, Brownish- Burgundy red, Green

DECORATIONS: Sülüs script

DECORATION TECHNIQUES: Wood, plaster emboss, plastering


Length (with the hanger): 51,2 cm

Width: 36,3 cm

Body Length: 47 cm

DATE: Early 20th-century

DESCRIPTION: The text “Amân mürüvvet” is written in an oval frame, with an embossed sülüs script, as a pear composition.  On the right leaf of the pear (shaped) “Yâ seyyidi’l-evvelîn” and on the left leaf “ve’l-âhirîn” is written. The pleated, brownish-burgundy red, lobbed and fringed curtain encompasses the pear both from sides and from the top. At the bottom there is a figure resembling a table with cords. Text, contours and the frame is painted with gold and the floor is painted with green color. Levha was made by a craftsman who produced Edirnekârî styled wood works. It is a widespread practice to write a prayer or a succinct sentences composed as pears. Curtain and table figures were especially used on levhas belonging to the Mevlevî dervish order.