Editor: Ali Metin büyükkarakaya
Language: Turkish
Publication House: Koç University VEKAM
Categories: Archaeology, Anthropology
Publication Year: 2024
Page: 294
ISBN: 978-605-5250-92-8

The book had been prepared within the scope of the Juliopolis Project, which is carried out in partnership with Koç University VEKAM, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, and Hacettepe University. The Juliopolis Project, with its multidisciplinary and multi-layered structure, embraces the contemporary interpretation of archaeological research, places the anthropological contexts of the study at the basis of the studies, and highlights a model not often encountered in our country. The book includes the evaluations of the information obtained from the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations field studies, the new results of the multi-faceted investigations, geological information about the archaeological site, and the findings obtained from social anthropology and ethnobotany studies. In addition, the book also includes papers about 3D and digital archive applications carried out within the project.