Prepared for publication: Suzan Yalman, Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu
Language: English
Publication House: Koç Üniversitesi VEKAM
Place of Publication: Dumat Ofset
Categories: Sanat Tarihi
Publication Year: 2020
Page: 135
Size: 20×25
ISBN: 978-605-9388-23-8

Cultural Encounters in Anatolia in the medieval Period: The Ilkhanids in Anatolia Sypmposium Preceedings

Starting from Spring 2014, VEKAM has been organizing yearly international symposiums to introduce various cultures that lived in Anatolia and support research in these fields of study .

The symposium proceeding volume titled Cultural Encounters in Anatolia in the Medieval Period : Ilkhanids in Anatolia which was held on may 21st-22nd May, 2015 at the premises of VEKAM in Ankara/ Türkiye focuses on the fields such as; history, literature, mysticism, art, urban history and architecture during the Ilkhanid Period.

In this respect we believe that the Ilkhanids in Anatolia symposium proceedings  will fill an important gap and lead up new researches in this field.