TITLE: Pitcher

CATEGORIES: Kitchen vessel

KEYWORD: Anatolian cuisine, tourism

MATERIALS: Lime, mica, sandy clay; cream slip; bright, slippery, light green glaze; red, yellow, black paint         

MATERIAL TECHNIQUES: Turning wheel, with tripod marks


Clay: 5 YR 4/6       

Glaze: Light green

Slip: Cream  

Decoration: Red, yellow, black

DECORATIONS: Floral patterns (rosette)

DECORATION TECHNIQUE: Overglaze decoration, barbotine


Rim Diameter: 9,2 cm

Base Diameter: 8,2cm

Height: 18,8 cm

DATE: Late 19th-Century- Early 20th-century

DESCRIPTION: The pitcher has a fat belly that narrows down towards the rim. The lips of the rim are slightly pulled outwards. The pitcher resembles a pear form altogether and has a single handle and a ring base. On the same axis with the twist handle a rosette figure is applied on the body with the barbotine technique. Red, yellow and black overglaze decoration was made on the light green glazed body. Since the paints flaked away the patterns are not clear.