The Role of Museums in Creating the City Brand: Education and Interactive Communication

May 6, 2022

24 May 2022

2.00 pm

Koç University VEKAM has been started to support a communication based project titled “The Role of Museums in Creating the City Brand: The Case of Ankara ” by Assoc. Prof. Burcu Zeybek and Assoc. Prof. İlknur Doğu Öztürk from Doğuş University in 2022. The project intends to draw attention to the importance and effect of cultural heritage in creating the city brand; to determine the role of the museum in the process of city branding communication and to discuss the suggestions for the sustainable city branding including cultural heritage.

The online panel that will be held on May 24th , 2022 intends to discuss the new digital communication tools and engaging methods with the audience within the scope of changing museology practices in the digital age.

The panel will be held in Turkish and online. Registration is required.

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