Within the framework of the ‘Project for Research, Documentation and Development of Conservation Measures for Civilian Architectural Culture Heritage in Ankara in the period 1930-1980″ implemented at Başkent University, under the leadership of Assoc. Prof. Nuray Bayraktar, a faculty member of Başkent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design, Department of Architecture, and supported by TUBITAK and VEKAM; 2 workshops titled “Civilian Architecture in Historiography” and “Civilian Architecture in Conservation” were held, and workshop results were published as books.

The project also saw the opening of the exhibition titled “Architectural Memory of Ankara: 1930-1980” presenting the results of visual documentation and oral history efforts on residential buildings studied in the project. The exhibition opened its gates on 29 November, 2014, at the Contemporary Arts Center of the Municipality of Çankaya.The exhibition intended to draw attention to Ankara’s residential buildings from the period 1930-1980, which hitherto received scant interest, to increase awareness about these buildings and their architects, and to share their reproduction processes through their users.

All records gathered within the framework of the project will be archived at VEKAM, and will be made accessible over VEKAM’s servers.