Editor: Nuray Bayraktar
Language: Turkish
Publisher: VEKAM
Place of publication: Ankara
Category: Architectural history
Pages: 268

The project “Architects who Left Their Mark on Ankara,” which is a collaboration between Başkent University and Koç University Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM), started in 2017 and was competed in 2020. The project is conducted by T. Elvan Altan (Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture), Nuray Bayraktar (Başkent University, Department of Architecture), and Umut Şumnu (Başkent University, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. The project team consists of Burcu Ateş, Deniz Avcı Hosanlı, Elif Selena Ayhan Koçyiğit, Nehir Bera Biçer, Elif Cemre Çelikkan, Cem Dedekargınoğlu, Sabahat Selcan Dökmen Aykaç, Bengi Su Ertürkmen Aksoy,Beril Kapusuz Balcı, Onur Kutluoğlu, Nihan Oya Memlük Çobanoğlu,Neris Parlak Temizel,Tuna Öğüt, Seçil Özcan Geylani, Selim Sertel Öztürk, İlknur Sudaş, Hüma Tülce Uman, and Melek Pınar Uz Baki. The project focuses on architects who deserve special attention with the residential, public and civil architectural structures they have designed in Ankara, but who have not been adequately researched or published about. Plans are underway to expand this project which aims to put on the agenda the architects who left important traces in the city. The project will focus on four architects/groups of architects every year and cover 12 in three years. As part of the project, research and documentation are conducted on the architects/groups of architects in focus and presented in panels. Panel IV explored the architectural work of Sabih Kayan, the designer of Hacettepe University campuses and residential buildings in Ankara, about whom very limited publications were made, and also discussed his work in painting, interior design, and stage design. This e-book is a compilation of the presentations in the panel created by Nuray Bayraktar and it was published for researchers through VEKAM.