Editor: Ayşe Ege Yıldırım
Translated by: Ayşe Ege Yıldırım
Language: Turkish, English
Publication House: Koç Üniversitesi VEKAM
Place of Publication: Ankara
Categories: History
Publication Year: 2016
Page: 232
Size: 21×26
ISBN: 978-605-5250-92-8

“The Historic Guild Town of Mudurnu”, one of the sites on Türkiye’s UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, was an important Early Ottoman centre of trade end the Akhi Order (Anatolian Guilds), strategically located on the Silk Road, and a patriotic town of the new Turkish Republic.

Ahmet İzzet Bengüboz  was a Mudurnu countryman who learned the art and technique of photograpy in British a British camp, where he was held prisoner during the First World War. He applied his newfound art upon returning home, producing a valuable record of the town’s social life in that era. In particular, his ‘film director’ approach noticeable most of all in his portrait photographs, his competent compositions for large groups of people and the architectural photographs  tirelessly documenting those times of Mudurnu, are more than enough to place Bengüboz among the most brilliant photographers of his time.

About 100 years later, this collection of high historic and artistic merit is being presented in an exhibition  catalogue.