Author: Nuray Bayraktar, Elif Selena Ayhan, Y. Yeşim Uysal, Umut Şumnu
Language: Turkish
Categories: History of Architecture
Publication Year: 2014
Page: 253
Size: 20×25
ISBN: 978-975-97802-3-4

The project Civilian Architectural Memory of Ankara: 1930-1980 revealed that specific settlement patterns of areas comprising single-family houses, which were built in Ankara in the period 1930-1980, and only a few of which had survived, had still made its existence felt in the form of solitary buildings or multi-storey residential complexes. On the other hand, the studies carried out within the framework of the project led to the rediscovery of many special housing units built through personal endeavors and via banks. The book contains photos, models, projects and descriptions of 120 of these buildings.