Communication and Interaction Education in Contemporary Museum Practices

The project “The Role of Museums in Brand Communication: The Case of Ankara” supported by Koç University VEKAM starting in 2022 and led by Associate Prof. Dr. Burcu Zeybek and Associate Prof. Dr. İlknur Doğu Öztürk from Doğuş University aims to draw attention to the importance of cultural heritage in creating a brand city, make observations on the perception of museums as attractive elements in the management of brand communication for cities, identify the role of museums in the communication of brand cities, and providing recommendations for practices of using cultural heritage to create and sustain a brand city.


As part of the project, with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums, a communication-oriented training program was planned targeting staff working in the field of visitor interaction in Ankara museums selected based on the number of visitors.


This training aims to contribute to and raise awareness among museum employees regarding communication, which plays a significant role in museum activities. It aims to enhance the internal and external communication skills of museum employees in line with the diversification of communication tools and the incorporation of face-to-face and mediated communication practices into museum activities.


Following the training program, for the implementation phase of the project at selected museums, a social media sharing campaign will be carried out during Museum Week.


Subject Headings:

  • Elements and Functions of Communication
  • Effective Communication: Verbal/non-Verbal Communication and Body Language
  • Effective Communication: Effective Speaking and Active Listening
  • Interpersonal Communication Problems and Conflict Management
  • Museum Communication and Being a Communication-Focused Museum: Digital Transformation, Practical Usage of Interactive Tools (Web Sites, Blogs, Social Networks, AR and VR, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Sharing of Hashtags