How can I donate my collection to VEKAM Library?

Donations are evaluated regarding the scope of the VEKAM Library. The Library takes on the donated collection’s preservation/keeping by World standards, classification, digitalization, and making it accessible online. You could deliver your questions, suggestions and a summary of your collection briefly to the e-mail address.

Where is VEKAM Library & Archive located?

VEKAM Library is located in Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center. For detailed information, please visit

Can I make an image request even if I do not visit the VEKAM Library by a material request form? How can I make an image request?

If you live outside of Ankara you could make an image request by filling out a material request form. When your request is approved the image will be sent to your e-mail address. You will be obligated to sign a digital copy delivery protocol and send the original protocol to the Library.

Please click the link for a material request form.

Are VEKAM Collections accessible on other campuses, or can I study the materials when I visit other research centers?

All the archive collections are physically accessible on the registered locations.

Do I have to make an appointment to study at VEKAM Archives? How can I make an appointment?

An appointment is required to study at VEKAM Archives. You can make an appointment by sending e-mail to addresses.

What kinds of collections are there in the VEKAM Archives?

The archives consist of two main collections. In the Ankara Collection, there are ephemeral materials such as photographs, postcards, documents, maps.  In the Vehbi Koc Collection, there are correspondences relating to Vehbi Koc’s commercial activities, photographs of some business trips, and news clippings regarding Vehbi Koc and Koc family between 1952-1996.