2020 // Projects which Received Koç University VEKAM Research Awards:

  • Bülent Ayyıldız, Ankara Ancyra, Angora, Ankara through the Eyes of Italian Travelers: History, Repetition, and Transformation.
  • Ayşe Tekel, Modeling of the Change in the Visual Aesthetic Quality of the Streets in the Historical Process: The Example of Ulus and Kızılay City Centers in Ankara.
  • Mine Bican, Exhibition Venues and Galleries in Ankara from 1950 to 2000.
  • Esra Özkan Koç, Exhibition Activities of the British Council in Ankara in the 1940s.
  • Hakkı Ozan Karayiğit, Mapping Local Transformations, Place-(re)makings and a Way Forward for New Forms of Social Cohesion: Turks, Romanis and Iraqis in the Demirlibahçe
  • Gökhan Tunç, Building a New Nation: The Reinforced Concrete Buildings of Ankara during the Early Years of the Turkish Republic, 1923–1938.
  • Nehir Durna, The Experience and Memory of the Elderly of the Transforming City in Çankaya, Ankara.
  • Saitcan Güngördü, Living Practices of Solid Waste Collectors and Sociopolitical Analyses: The Case of Ankara.

2019 // Projects which Received Koç University VEKAM Research Awards:

  • Cem Dedekargınoğlu, Reading the Story of the American Billet (General Directorate of Petrol Ofisi) Building through the American Impact on the Development of Ankara.
  • Jose Duarte Medeiros Ribeiro, Legacy of Grape: A Socio-Cultural and Spatial Analysis of Ankara’s Wine Production History.
  • Gülşah Aykaç, Underground Neighborhoods: Re-Mapping the Urban Transformation of Çinçin Bağları Through Work Narratives.
  • Sezen Savran, Spatial Distribution Pattern and Daily Life Practices of Syrian Immigrants in Ankara.
  • Özlem Uğurlu, The Evaluation of the Importance of Ecosystem Services of the Gölbaşı Special Environmental Protection Area for the City of Ankara.
  • Nurettin Özgen, Naming Spaces in the Context of Political Ideologies: The Example of Cultural Centers in Ankara.
  • Sümeyye Hoşgör Büke, Food Consumption and Eating Habits in Eighteenth Century Ankara.
  • Muzaffer Karaaslan, The Ottoman Period Painted Embroidery and Wall Paintings in Ankara.

2018 // Projects which Received Koç University VEKAM Research Awards:

  • Irmak Yavuz, the River Face of Ankara: An Urban Formation Narrative in the Context of River Geography.
  • Ceylin Arslan, The Traditional Agricultural Tool Thresh within the Context of Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Case of Ankara.
  • Seçkin Büyücek, Gizem Kulak, An Ethnographic Perspective on the Places of Social and Daily Life in Ankara through the Eyes of Güvenevler
  • Ferah Burgul Adıgüzel, Literature Education Through Creative Drama in Ankara Literary Museums as a Space of Literary Memory.
  • Gül Şimşek Hasanoğlan, A Socio-Spatial Analysis of the Village Institute from its Establishment until Today.
  • Leyla Alpagut, Ankara Higher Agricultural Institute: Planning and Structures.
  • Nazlı Taraz, Iconographic Representations of the Republic: First and Second Assembly Buildings of Turkey as Memory Spaces.

2017 // Projects which Received Koç University VEKAM Library and Archives Research Awards:

  • Duygu Cihanger, The Poiesis of Everyday Life and Space in Yüksel Street
  • Semih Gökatalay, The Effects of Early Cold War Era Turkish-American Convergence on Ankara City Life (1945-1955)
  • Elif Selena Ayhan Koçyiğit, A Tale of an Urban Square: Developing Strategies for Continuity of Historic Public Open Spaces Through the Case of Ulus Square in Ankara

2017 // Projects which Received Koç University VEKAM Research Awards:

  • Nahide Işık Demirakın, Necibe Işıl Demirakın, Bülent Arel’s Ankara Years (1940-1965): The Cultural Transformation of the Capital.
  • Aylin Atacan, Ankara as a Film Set: Reading Architectural History of the City through Ankara Films.
  • Çiler Buket Tosun, Our Cultural Heritage Ankara the School of Building Masters
  • Özgün Özçakır, Changed Cultural Heritage Values of Hacı Bayram Square from Policy to Practice.
  • Azize Elif Yabacı, A Study on the Development of A District and a University Campus with an Ongoing Interaction: Cebeci and Ankara University Campus
  • Funda Uz, Designing with Aluminum: Aluminum from 1970s to Today in Ankara Architecture.

2016 // Projects which Received Koç University VEKAM Research Awards:

  • Mustafa Haluk Zelef, A contribution to Ankara’s Architectural Memory: Jack Nesim Aggiman and Embassy Buildings.
  • Özgür Ceren Erişti, Ceramic Murals in Public Spaces in Ankara.
  • Temuçin Faik Ertan, Bahattin Demirtaş, The Ankara Days of Foreign Dignitaries Visiting Turkey (1923-1960).
  • Çiğdem Varol Özden, N. Aydan Sat, S. Bahar Yenigül, Aslı Gürel Üçer, Kızılay the Square of the Capital: A Historical Perspective on Social, Economic and Spatial Transformation.
  • Arda Can Özsu, Öncü Özsu, The Özsu House: An Essay on the Socio-Cultural History of Hamamönü.
  • Zeliha Yiğit, İbrahim Yavuz Yükselsin, Continuity and Change in Ankara Dance Tunes: the New Angara Music

2016 // Projects which Received Koç University VEKAM Library and Archives Research Awards:

  • Aslıhan Günhan, Cornell University, From Hygienic Bodies to Destructive Bodies: A Study on the Performative Assemblies at the Station Square in Ankara
  • Çağlar Dölek, Middle East Technical University, the Historical Setup of Public Security Policing in Poor Neighborhoods: The Case of Altındağ Çinçin Bağları.

2015 // Projects which Received Koç University VEKAM Research Awards:

  • Özlem Karakul, Documentation of the Expertise, Skills, and Behaviors of Traditional Master Builders, Ankara and its Surroundings.
  • İdil Bilgin Sait, Object-Based Children’s Activity Book on Cultural Heritage Preservation.
  • Umut Şumnu, Documentation of the Lottery Houses Process and Lottery Houses Developed in Ankara by Various Banks.
  • Necati Tonga, Ankara as an Eternal Neighborhood in the Republican Era.
  • İhsan Seddar Kaynar, From Engürü to Ankara: Economic Transformation of Ankara in the Period 1892-1962.