INVENTORY NO: ABE0400 (a-body; b-plug)

MATERIALS: Colorless glass, burgundy red glass, thick crystal

MATERIAL TECHNIQUES: Colorless glass is formed with blowing into a cast. Two layers of burgundy red glass are applied onto it by the dipping technique.  After tempering patterns the crystal cutting method was applied and, in a way, that red layer is removed and the colorless layer is seen. The bottle was finished after it was brightened in the fire.

COLOR: Burgundy red

DECORATION: Geometric patterns

DECORATION TECHNIQUE: Cristal cutting, tempering


Base diameter: 5,7 cm

Body, width: 11,5 cm

Height, bottle: 12,4 cm

Height, with plug: 16,4 cm

Height, plug: 6 cm

DATE: 20th-century

DESCRIPTION: The base is circular. It has a lobbed middle section that is caved in. The body is oval and fat. It narrows down towards the shoulder and it is bond to the cylindrical, short neck with a smooth curve. Rim is widened to hold the plug. It has six lobes. There are semi-circular and diamond-shaped patterns from the base up to the neck which was formed with glass cutting technique. The neck is made of colorless glass and rim is purple. The glass plug’s surface is formed with a glass cutting technique.  This perfume bottle forms a set with the ABE0401.