Author: Erman Tamur
Language: Turkish
Publisher: Koç University
Place: İstanbul
Category: Visual history
Year: 2023
Pages: 469
Dimension: 23 x 28 cm.
ISBN: 978-605-67082-0-6

Although the acquaintance of Ankara and the people of Ankara with photography dates to the 1860s, if the 1890s, when this phenomenon gained intensity, are to be accepted as the beginning, this study conveys the story of Ankara photography and Ankara postcards in a seventy-year period covering the last thirty years of the Ottoman Period and the first forty years of the Republican Period. In the book, topics such as the periodic changes in the relationship of the people of Ankara with photography, the life stories of the photographers who stood out in each period, their understanding of art and profession, the numerical increase of the photography houses in the process and their distribution by districts are discussed. In addition, information about photographers and editors is given regarding postcards, card groups are defined with their characteristic features, and the main ones that make up a series are presented in a classified manner.

This book, which is the first work of its kind in terms of scope and content, contains more than 400 black-and-white photographs, more than 300 black-and-white postcards, and more than 70 color postcards.