Prep. for Pub.:  Çiğdem Maner, Özlem Dengiz Uğur
ISBN 978-605-9388-26-9
Language: Türkçe
Publication House: Koç University VEKAM
Place of Publication: Ankara
Subject: Cultural heritage, Museum education
Year: 2020
Page:  208
Dimension: 20×25
Price: 40 TL

The proceedings book prepared by Çiğdem Maner and Özlem Dengiz Uğur intend to contribute and support sustainable cultural heritage education in Turkey. The purpose of the book is to provide new perspectives to the ones who have been actively participating in this field by presenting practices both in Turkey and abroad. The book consists proceedings of lectures and workshops that was held in November 14-15,2019 at the premises of VEKAM in Ankara. The book will specifically lead to awareness of protection of cultural heritage and sustainable protection and will have a very significant role in the institutionalization of cultural heritage education in Turkey on a sustainable, international and academic platforms.