Information Literacy Training Program

Information literacy training program aims, in broad terms, to enhance the information literacy skills of graduate students who take part in the program. In this context, it intends to contribute to enabling the students in their efforts to search for, access to, assess, use, communicate/present information, and thereby providing them with the qualifications required for a healthy information society.

The education program is organized for graduate students. Attendance is subject to stipend payments.

Application period: 15 February-25 March, 2015


27 March, 2015

Module 1: Defining Information Requirements,

Preparing a Research Plan and Defining the Subject Matter

Module 2: Information Search Strategies and Access to Information

Module 3: Information Sources and Services

28 March, 2015

Module 4: Next Generation Information Services and Web 2.0

Media, Tools and Applications

Module 5: Assessment of Information Sources

29 March, 2015

Module 6: Use of Information

Module 7: Presentation and Communication of Information