This Week’s Selections from VEKAM Content

July 8, 2020

This week’s theme is Maps!

Until the day we meet again enjoy VEKAM’s online content that we chose for you this week;


  • Two articles published in VEKAM’s Journal of Ankara Studies by Gökçe Günel and Ali Kılcı on 1924 Map of Ankara. Journal of Ankara Studies is an interdisciplinary biannual refereed journal.

1924 Map of Ankara City: Recognizing Ankara with an Old Map <<


  • A conference titled Revising Transportation and Habitation Deynamics in Ottoman Empire by Methods of Digital Humanities. The conference is delivered by Assoc. Prof. Erdem Kabadayı in 2019 within the scope of VEKAM Monthly conferences.

Revising Transportation and Habitation Dynamics in Ottoman Empire by Methods of Digital Humanities (in Turkish) <<

 Suggested Book: Ankara on Maps


Author:                             Gökçe Günel

Language:                         Turkish-English

Publication House:         Koç University VEKAM

Publication Year:     2017


The book by Gökçe Günel features various overlooked maps and plans of Ankara found in books by foreign and local travelers and in encyclopedias, large scale maps Ankara’s various districts and villages, maps produced by the General Command of Cartography until the 2000s, as well as selections from private map collections especially that of VEKAM. This book was conceived and designed as a chronological documentary of the urban development of the capital from the Ottoman period to the Republican era and constitutes an inventory of the city for the benefit of researchers. However, there are other Ankara maps that were not featured in the book or that were not accessible.

VEKAM Ankara Maps and Plans Collection,

The collection gives opportunity to follow, administrative, political and geographical situation of Ankara and its surroundings from early times to the present day as well as capital’s planning process in Republican era through various maps.

About VEKAM Ankara Maps and Plans Collection<<

Discover the collection <<