Prepared for publication: Mehtap Türkyılmaz, A. Beril Kırcı
Translated by: John Angliss
Language: Turkish, English
Categories: History
Publication Year: 2015
Page: 292
Size: 23×28
ISBN: 978-975-97802-6-5

The exhibit catalog presents a picture of the struggle Ottoman Empire went through on both the administrative and the military front from Tanzimat to the War of Independence. The catalog prepared to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Victory at Gallipoli tells the tale of “constitutional government, independence, liberty and motherland” struggle of Neo Ottomans who raised their voices against the ever-increasing interventions by European states in the process that began with 1838 Treaty of Balta Limanı, and 1839 Edict of Gülhane, as well as those of other political movements. It also makes frequent references to struggles on numerous fronts in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 and World War I.