November 13, 2019 - January 12, 2020

Koç University VEKAM would like to announce a new exhibition The Construction of a New City : Ankara 1923-1933 curated by Müge Cengizkan and Ali Cengizkan,  within the scope of 50th anniversary of Vehbi Koç Foundation.

The Construction of a New City : Ankara 1923-1933  which is a part of research project aims to contirbute to Ankara's modern history. The exhibition invites its visitors to witness to the construction of a city and will open its doors from November 13, 2019 to January 12, 2020 at CerModern North and South Hangar Galleries.

Exhibition is examining the first decade of the establishment of Ankara as the capital, modernization and installation especially in "Yenişehir". This is also the history of looking at the "nearly modern" sheltering culture. The exhibition focuses on how a new city was constructed in the first quarter of the twentieth century, in a war-torn country in old Ankara / new Ankara dilemma, from the proclamation of the Republic until 1933, the tenth year of the Republic. In the exhibition, urban planning in a new born city , architectural projects, sheltering, having been ignored by many till this day are examined in terms of construction stock until 1933.

It is explained how Yenişehir's tabula rasa position in 1923 was turned into Kızılay in 1933 by means of the three dimensional urban modelling. While the meaning of society's necessity for a "new building" have been depicted by sharing the experiences and the ideas of the dwellers of the city, dissolution of the planned environment within social dynamics and the gaps in historiography are critically put forward.

Three dimensional architectural urban models and  videos produced within the scope of the exhibition; documentaries and period films about the period; the snapshots and cabinets of curiosity of the city's observations invite professionals, researchers and students as well as anyone interested in the work of Ankara to witness the construction of a city.