February 28, 2019

As an outcome of the 1st International Ephemera Studies Symposium which was hosted by VEKAM in 2018, it was realized that numerous researchers and academicians have been conducting various studies to specialize in different subfields of ephemera studies. For the purpose of providing a tangible and permanent contribution to establishing a theoretically and methodologically scientific and sustainable basis for the research on ephemeral material, as well as supporting the continuity of the communication and collaboration among different researchers, this workshop will aspire to investigate the ephemeral sources (about architecture, history, culture, commercial activities, social life, entertainment, tourism, everyday life, etc.) about Ankara that are located in the archives of Koç University VEKAM. It will also seek to utilize different theories and methods for developing tangible and permanent approaches about ephemera studies.

The primary aim of the workshop is to support the participants—who conduct various researches in different academic disciplines—in discovering, discussing and adopting different ideas, techniques and skills that they will use in their studies about primary ephemeral sources. It also aims to make a significant contribution to the sustainability of ephemera studies which has gained a new impetus as a consequence of the above-mentioned symposium.  Another important objective is to help the researchers in efficiently utilizing the primary ephemeral sources that are located in the archives of cultural memory institutions.



The applicant is expected to define a research theme (For example, Architectural history and ephemera), and to provide information about the utilization of ephemera within the scope of that particular subject. An assessment about the selected material from VEKAM Library and Archive Collection, and the description of the research method are among the requirements. The applicant will also provide the expected outcomes of the research in the application’s conclusion and evaluation part.

All applications will be blind reviewed, and the ones which receive the highest scores, and which are also deemed as directly related to the workshop will be accepted. The applications which comprise ephemeral primary sources along with tangible information and substantial methods will be included in the workshop. During the workshop, the participants from the same/ similar disciplines will work together in homogenous groups, will share the outcomes about their theories and methods with other groups by the end of the workshop, and the entire information about the ephemeral sources and the evidence that they yield about Ankara’s different periods, circumstances and conditions will be presented in a joint report which will be prepared as an outcome of the support that the workshop facilitators will provide. These sources are expected to be mostly about the everyday life and material culture in the city, and are presumed to convey visual information (with brief textual explanations) about different time periods in the history of Ankara.

The program will be held with a closed group.

Deadline for participation: February 28, 2019

For detailed info: VEKAM Research and Training Programs; 0312 355 20 27 # 22, aayaokur@ku.edu.tr